• Waterfall Court

    The Central Terrace of the Main Museum is called the Jal Aangan or Waterfall Court. The Waterfall Court is a trapezoidal space defined by a waterfall on the rear side. Absorb the breathtaking view of water and enjoy a refreshing break in your journey through the Museum.

  • Peepal Court

    Across from the Waterfall Court you will reach a triangular courtyard where you can relax in the shade of trees. The Peepal Aangan or Peepal Court gets its name from two peepal trees grown here. Popular, loved and remembered as the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, the peepal is also the State Symbol of Bihar.

  • Amphitheatre

    Our amphitheatre is designed to host outdoor events – theatres, plays and performances in an airy space under the skies. The largest open air space in the Museum, it seats over 200 people comfortably on steps. The amphitheatre is located near the main entrance to the Museum opposite to the Orientation Centre. You can also enter the Amphitheatre through the restaurant attached on the east side.

  • Niranjana Courtyard

    The Niranjana Courtyard has sculptures on the theme of the Buddha. This meditative space gets its name from the River Niranjana where the Buddha is said to have bathed after his Enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. A water channel flows through the courtyard reconstructing the memory of the River Niranjana. An overhead bridge runs across the courtyard connecting the History Gallery C to the Visible Storage Gallery.